Keri Blue - gender affirming haircuts in the valley

24 June 2024 | Community

I am Keri Blue and my career was born out of sheer frustration.

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Volunteer's Week 2024

04 June 2024 | Community

Thank you to all of our amazing volunteers - you rock!

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Trans Day of Visibility

28 March 2024 | Community

Some of our volunteers share what TDOV means to them

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Don’t Say the UK? Call out for research participants

24 January 2024 | Community

Local artist and Happy Valley Pride volunteer Mitch Robinson is researching the impact of Section 28 - do you have something you would like to share?

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Looking back dispassionately; No remorse, no regrets, no censure or ships.

19 June 2023 | Community

Local artist Mark King talks about their life

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