7 day festival
Celebrating LGBT+ in Hebden Bridge

22nd to 28th July 2019 – Hebden Bridge

2019 Festival

We’re already planning our 2019 festival. Countdown is back ticking
Happy Valley Pride is an eclectic, alternative and inclusive week-long festival for everyone.

Celebrating LGBT+ life in Hebden Bridge and surrounding areas.

Hebden Bridge has a reputation that exceeds its “small town status“. We attract the best, we expect no less!

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Artists and events included:


Book for Camille O’Sullivan

Camille O’Sullivan



Duckie Comes to Yorkshire


Book for Ursula Martinez

Ursula Martinez

Duckie is bringing their sensational show up North!

Book for Duckie

Readers Wifes @ Duckie


Victoria Sin

Victoria Sin @ Duckie


Barbara Brownskirt

Barbara Brownskirt @ Duckie


Bourgeois & Maurice – Come to the Cabaret Workshop – Book Now

Bourgeois and Maurice


Book for Kate O’Donnell’s “Hayley & Me“

Kate O’Donnell


Lesbian Writers Read – An intimate evening not to be missed

Lesbian Writers Read


Jenny Wilson hosts The Big Day Out

Jenny Wilson


The Original Hairspray complete with Madison dance lesson and Ms/Mr/Mx Baltimore (via Hebden Bridge) Hair Hopper Competition



Logan & Manley join our Opening Social

Logan and Manley


Kate Lycett is participating in our Revolution Art Exhibition – Come to the Launch Night and Auction

Kate Lycett


Stone Tape Theory


Elle Mary


Peter Tatchell on Saturday 10th August – Free – Register to attend

Peter Tatchell


Pink Picnic – Sunday 11 August

Pink Picnic & Dog Show


Thee Windom Earles

Bazzmatazz – Part of our Big Day Out



SheChoir performing at The Big Day Out



Izak Wilkonson – performing at The Big Day Out

Izak Wilkinson

We exist for the community

We celebrate LGBT+ life in Hebden Bridge and surrounding areas. Promoting equality and diversity to eradicate discrimination, based on sexual orientation and gender identity, through education and engagement.

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“I think it’s absolutely brilliant, something away from London and Manchester and the big events. The people are just great and it’s been amazing.“

Latest news

Announcements and news from Happy Valley Pride

July 3, 2018

  Our programme cover was well timed. Conceived before today’s headline news – reminding the world that holding hands in public is still not accepted for gay people.  This year’s theme – Revolution – is all about how attitudes towards the LGBT+ community have undergone a revolution of their own in the past five decades, but […]

August 20, 2018

So, when I arrived in Hebden Bridge back in 2003, if you mentioned ducks, it was in the context of the quaint tradition of the busiest day of the year, where a river of yellow plastic ducks are chucked into the river and encouraged to compete with the real ones, on a short journey down […]

July 6, 2018

Welcome to this first blog from the Happy Valley Pride Youth Engagement Committee! David Kennedy and Sean Pert look back at the last few weeks, getting local children and young people involved in the festival through art. David and I have been busy talking to local schools about Happy Valley Pride and this year’s theme […]

Partners & supporters

We’d like to extend our thanks and appreciation the following partners and supporters for their help, advice and generosity. Without them we would not be able to host our festival.

Big thanks also goes to all of the local venues hosting our events this year, as well as the many businesses who have supported us.

A very special thanks to our volunteers. Without all of their help advice and generosity, we would not be able to make Happy Valley Pride happen.

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